Elizabeth Mcquay Solicitor in Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire


1. Mrs A sought a divorce from her husband on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. She was employed part-time (15 hours a week) around her tasks as full time mother to boys aged 10 and 7 years, both attending schools locally. The matrimonial assets primarily consisted of a four bedroom house in Oxfordshire with equity of approximately 200k, a holiday cottage in north Devon worth 95k, with a 60k mortgage but with good rental potential and Mr. As share and pension portfolio worth in the region of 250,000.  Mr. A opposed the petition, denied the need for separate accommodation and after initial negotiations, offered to provide funds for the renting of a two bedroom house in the local area and maintenance for the children of 75 each per week.

Following advice and representation from Elizabeth McQuay, Mrs A was able to remain in the matrimonial home with her sons, so keeping her employment, while Mr A moved to a smaller, but very satisfactory, local apartment. The mortgage and other vital outgoings on the main house were ordered to be paid by Mr A.  Future provision for maintenance for Mrs A and for the boys until the age of 18 was also ordered.